Plunify Cloud Platform

The easiest way for FPGA Designers to get on the cloud

Plunify Cloud is built for FPGA designers to utilize the power of cloud computing.

This platform simplifies the technical and security management aspects of accessing a cloud infrastructure. With a suite of cloud-enabled tools, flows and services, any designer can quickly create and optimize FPGA applications without having to be an IT expert.

Through a transparent credits system, the cost of usage is easy to understand and estimate. Best of all, every tool is licensed on an hourly basis.

Cloud-Enabled Tools

Choose your preferred software tools, flows and services. The FPGA Expansion Pack is a set of plugins for Xilinx tools that lets you compile FPGA designs in the cloud with a few clicks.

AI Lab is a virtual cloud environment pre-loaded with Vivado and other tools – accessible with just a simple remote desktop client.

Plunify’s design optimization software, InTime, now supports optimization in the cloud, delivering quality timing results in days instead of weeks/months.

One Account, One Pricing

Plunify Cloud provides a user account to access cloud providers like Amazon Web Services. Using a simple credit-based system, it aggregates all usage costs such as compute power, bandwidth, and storage into a single price, so that there are no surprises in your bill and easily budget for.

At USD$0.10 per credit, use the credits to pay for different tools, flows and services in the cloud.

Compute & License on Demand

Hourly pricing for servers and software licenses reduces the need for upfront, possibly prohibitive fixed capital investment for a new project.

Use on-demand computing to enable novel ways of design exploration, timing optimization and achieving cost effectiveness for your designs. Starting an FPGA project in the cloud is just a few clicks away, with everything pre-installed for you. A wide range of server types easily scales for projects of all sizes.

Using Vivado locally but want to build on the cloud for faster turnaround times? Check out our FPGA Expansion Pack for Xilinx.

Plunify Cloud Application Logos_AI LabDon’t have or don’t want to install tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence? Fire up a pre-loaded AI Lab server in just 3 clicks.

To know more about optimizing designs in the cloud in order to get quality results faster, read more about InTime‘s capabilities.

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