Plunify Cloud

Plunify Cloud is a solution for FPGA developers interested in cloud-based acceleration platforms.

Plunify Cloud enables organizations of all sizes to work on FPGA designs, leveraging the flexibility of cloud computing. By using the plugin, users can compile, optimize and test their designs seamlessly on the cloud, as if they are running locally.

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Seamless Integration with Vivado

As a Xilinx and Amazon Web Services(AWS) partner, Plunify provides the only software solution that is fully integrated with your Vivado tools. You can launch instances (virtual servers) to compile your design with a single click, download and debug your results all from Vivado, locally.

Accelerate Your FPGA Applications

Launch an AWS F1 instance to run your FPGA application via Plunify Cloud. After launching, you can directly access the server to test and monitor your design. Focus on building the best design. Leave the cloud configuration and infrastructure security to us.

One Account to Access Them All

Plunify Cloud provides a single account to access multiple cloud vendors. Using a credit-based system, you decide which cloud provider offers the best fit and value. Use Plunify Cloud API to quickly build and automate your development flows.

Plunify Cloud_Multiple Cloud Platform

Optimize Your Designs

Leverage the power of massive cloud resources and InTime’s machine learning optimization capabilities. InTime uses the compilation settings and placement strategies in FPGA tools to optimize your design. Use it on HLS-generated RTL to get additional performance!

More Than Just Cheap Computing

The cloud is more than just about reducing high fixed capital investment for a new project. Smart use of cheap computing enables novel ways of design space exploration. Let InTime machine learning capabilties improve your design’s speed, area and power like never before.


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