Cloud Platform for R&D

AI Lab enables users to leverage on the cloud for their research and development needs. Without any on-premise hardware, Plunify AI Lab allows users to launch servers on major cloud providers pre-installed with software for FPGAs, GPUs and CPUs for Machine Learning. Engineers, researchers, training providers and students can benefit from a pre-configured environment without complicated hardware setups.

Multiple Configurations, Easy Setup

AI Lab offers different machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Caffe, as well as machine learning software and libraries for executing on GPU and FPGA hardware. Be it Python, C++ or R, you can access all the technologies without worrying about library incompatibilities and complicated setup steps.

Got WiFi, Will AI

Anyone can access AI Lab with a Plunify Cloud account with an Internet connection. After logging into AI Lab, simply choose your tools and machines, and launch powerful servers with pre-installed and configured licenses. To access these servers, you just need a simple PC/laptop/tablet that runs remote desktop software or a modern web browser.

AI in the cloud has never been this easy!

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