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Semiconductor_engineeringEDA Cloud Adoption Hits Speed Bumps
Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 25, 2018
logo-ECDTiming Closure for Mil/Aero Designs
Embedded System Engineering, Oct 19, 2018
Semiconductor_engineeringIs Cloud Computing Suitable For Chip Design?
Semiconductor Engineering, Sept 27, 2018
TechDesignForumEDA Learns to Love AI
Semiconductor Engineering, June 26, 2018
Semiconductor_engineeringEDA in the Cloud 2
Semiconductor Engineering, May 2, 2018
Semiconductor_engineeringEDA in the Cloud
Semiconductor Engineering, April 26, 2018
Semiconductor_engineeringThe Week in Review: Design
Semiconductor Engineering, June 22, 2018
newelectronicsTackling congestion on programmable devices
New Electronics, April 11, 2018
EEjournal logoPlunify, Tencent Cloud Team Up to Offer FPGA Workflows Acceleration in the Cloud
Report from Embedded Computing DesignReport from Business Insider, March 14, 2018
EEjournal logoPlunify – The Big FPGA Guns
EEJournal, February 13, 2018
Semiconductor_engineeringPushing Performance Limits
Semiconductor Engineering, February 8, 2018
EEPW&Elecfans logoPlunify introduces the new FPGA cloud platform, aiming to optimize designs in the cloud
Report from EEPW
,  Report from, Report from, Report from OFweek, December 1, 2017
Machine Learning Optimizes FPGA Timing, August 4th, 2017
Semiconductor_engineeringMachine Learning Meets IC Design
Semiconductor Engineering, June 29, 2017
logo-ECDFPGA designers turn to machine learning in the cloud
Embedded Computing Design, June 9, 2017
Report from EEFOCUS,  Report from, April 25, 2017
Plunify成为Amazon EC2 F1 Instance Partner的合作厂家
Report from EEFOCUS,  Report from, April 25, 2017

logo_fpgadesign使用Intime软件优化FPGA时序, October 11, 2015

logo_eejournalPlunify’s FPGA Proof Point
Electronic Engineering Journal, March 03, 2015

logo_semiwikiGot FPGA Timing Closure Problems?, February 26, 2015

seWith Responsibility Comes Power, February 12, 2015

sePlunify: FPGA Design Closure, February 09, 2015

chipdesThe Coming Year in EDA: What Will Shape 2015
Chip Design, February 04, 2015

yfPlunify Appoints Altima Distributor in Japan
Yahoo! Finance, January 28, 2015

elecfans为FPGA工程师节省十倍开发时间, January 04, 2015


finsmesPlunify completes funding
FinSMEs, November 21, 2014


Big FPGA design moves to the cloud, June 11, 2013
Check Out Chip Designs On The Cloud

Electronic Design, March 26, 2013
EEFOCUS 与非网, March 11, 2013

logo_caigouPlunify:云平台发挥整合优势 降低IC设计成本
中国教育装备采购网, March 6, 2013

logo_semiconductortimesStartup Profiles – Plunify
Semiconductor Times, February 2013

logo_eejournalThe Elephant in the Cloud
Electronic Engineering Journal, February 12, 2013


縮減IC設計時間與成本 雲端EDA平台露頭角

新電子科技雜誌 Micro-Electronics Magazine, December 19, 2012

logo_pradeeppointFPGA design heads to the cloud!
Pradeep’s Point!, December 6, 2012

canadianelectronicsThe Cloud brings FPGAs and EDA down to earth
Canadian Electronics, May 4, 2012


dangporotoPlunify Online FPGA Compiler Conference Call
Dangerous Prototypes, July 7, 2011

dangporotoPlunify Interview Questions and forum
Dangerous Prototypes, June 30, 2011

LinkedIn_mediaPlunify — Cloud based FPGA development start-up (PDF version)
LinkedIn FPGA/CPLD Design Group, June 2011

edacafeVideo interview at DAC 2011
EDACafe, June, 2011

designreuse_mediaThe Cloud a better match for FPGAs?
Design And Reuse, April 1, 2011

dangporotoPlunify: Programmable Logic Simplified
Dangerous Prototypes, January 15, 2011

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