InTime v2.6.13

InTime 2.6.13 is now available for download. 

InTime for Linux (Centos/Redhat 7.x)
Size: 248 Mb

InTime for Linux (Centos/Redhat 6.x)
Size: 255 Mb

InTime for Windows (7 and 10)
Size: 219 Mb


Plunify highly recommends using the latest InTime version. For older versions of InTime, please login to to download them. You will need to generate an evaluation license to run this version of InTime from the Plunify Cloud website.

Supported FPGA tool versions:

ISE: 14.7
Quartus II: 13.0.0 – 15.1.2
Quartus Prime Standard: 16.0.0 – 18.1.2
Quartus Prime Pro: 16.0.0 – 19.2.2
Vivado: 2013.3.0 – 2019.1.2

InTime v2.6.11 (NEO)

InTime Neo is a free software with limited features. Only pay for the results you want. Suitable for individual, academics and single seat users.
(Read more about the difference between Neo and Full versions –
Feature Comparison Matrix )

InTime Neo for Linux
Size: 125 Mb

InTime Neo for Windows
Size: 125 Mb

* Register here to generate a free InTime NEO license.

FPGA Expansion Pack v1.3.4

This is a plugin for Xilinx Vivado. A Plunify Cloud account is required to build the design on the cloud.

 Linux Version 1.3.4
MD5: c94095ddea667399289ebbd28edd06e2
Size: 23MB

 Windows Version 1.3.4
MD5: 889b2511495d1fdcddde8be6ced65c05
Size: 24MB

Please register for an account at to get started.

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