About Us

Our mission is to accelerate chip design.

Plunify was started in 2009 by two passionate engineers with the sole purpose of optimizing chip design performance, starting with FPGA applications.

The ever-increasing complexities of FPGA devices and design flows brings new challenges every year. With cheap compute power from the cloud, the power can be intelligently harnessed to create innovative solutions to optimize designs and accelerate product time-to-market.

Plunify started initially with seed-funding from federal grants and subsequently venture capital. Plunify’s first product was the EDAxtend platform, a cloud platform specifically designed to let engineers offload complex chip design builds.

With cloud computing, data can be generated cheaply. Years of R&D by established corporations are significantly challenged by more nimble players who can leverage on thousands of compute nodes running in parallel. Armed with data, Plunify created new products for FPGA design, such as the InTime software. InTime is an expert software that optimizes FPGA design performance. Running on top of major FPGA tools, InTime delivers results quickly and enables higher productivity. It is the first commercial application of machine learning that enables chip design companies to significantly accelerate product Time-To-Market and reduce development costs.

Currently Plunify has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan and counts Fortune Global 500 companies as clients.

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