About Us

Our mission is to simplify chip design.

Plunify was started in 2010 by 2 passionate engineers, on the cusp of cloud computing. With increasing complexity of FPGA design, cheap compute power can be used to alleviate time-to-market pressures and tackle the rising challenges of a denser and more complex FPGA.

Supported by government grants, Plunify’s first product is the EDAxtend platform, which is a cloud platform specifically designed for chip design flows and the offloading of compute intensive builds. EDAxtend can be deployed in both public and private clouds.

One of the outcomes of cloud computing is that data can be generated cheaply. Years of R&D is significantly reduced by leveraging on thousands of compute nodes running in parallel. Armed with data, Plunify created new products for FPGA design, with InTime being an example. InTime is an expert software that solves FPGA design timing and optimization problems. InTime delivers better results and enables higher productivity. It enables chip design companies to significantly accelerate product Time-To-Market and reduce development costs.

Currently Plunify has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan and counts many Fortune Global 500 companies as clients.

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