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Qt/C++ Developer (Singapore)


We are looking for a full-time Qt developer in Singapore.

Job Requirements

  • Highly skillful in Qt C/C++ object oriented analysis and design, including Qt GUI design while working and maintaining a big code base.
  • Experience in using different compilers (MSVC, gcc) and cross-platform development (Windows, Linux).
  • Knowledge of multi-threaded design practices, SQL databases
  • Good command of English

Good to have

Knowledge of Jenkins, NSIS, GIT and networking knowledge will be beneficial.


Experience of FPGA toolchains from major vendors (Altera Quartus, Xilinx Vivado), preferably with a good knowledge of running the implementation using Tcl tool flows.

FPGA Engineer (Singapore/Malaysia)


Our new team member has excellent FPGA and Tcl scripting skills and is someone who cannot sleep at night if a design has timing/fitting problems.


His/her time will be spent like this:

  • (40%) Hands-on FPGA timing closure and optimization (Area/Power as well). This involves learning about our unique Machine Learning approach as well.
  • (60%) Automating CAD flows to implement features in our software.

Job Requirements

  • Proficient in scripting languages like Tcl/Perl, and as a user of command-line APIs
  • Experience in automating FPGA workflows, for example, knowing why, when and how to go from synthesis to place-and-route and then timing analysis.
  • Working knowledge of Xilinx (ISE, Vivado) and/or Altera (Quartus) FPGA design tools and flows
  • Familiarity with software engineering best practices


  • BS / MS in Computer/Electrical/Electronics Engineering or related field
  • At least 3-5 years of FPGA design experience

To apply

Tell us who you are and what is the coolest or hardest thing you have done or built?

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