InTime Cloud

InTime Cloud is a solution for users who are looking to close timing or optimize their designs with the power of the cloud. With InTime Cloud, users are free from their limits of their FPGA licenses and compute power. You do not even need to install any software or licenses locally. Simply login to your AWS account and start InTime directly in the cloud. This solution includes all the licenses required to run as many copies of InTime and FPGA software as you want. 


For a limited time only!

InTime is now *free on Amazon Web Service!

Optimize your design today!
*AWS charges apply

Simply login to your AWS account and start a Plunify instance from AWS marketplace.  Download the quickstart guide or view the 3 min video below. Learn how to start your first InTime Cloud AMI.

Starting InTime for the first time on AWS

More details

To have a thorough understanding of InTime’s technical specifications, please download the datasheet.

To understand the approach behind InTime, read more about it in our blog.  Here is a case study on how a customer uses InTime to solve their time-to-market issues.

Or if you just want someone to help you optimize your design, check out InTime Service.

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