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Plunify Launches “Results-Based” Pricing Model for FPGA Design Optimization Services


Pricing Set Based on Confidently Eliminating Timing Errors

LOS ALTOS, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 19, 2015) – Plunify® Pte. Ltd., provider of groundbreaking field programmable gate array (FPGA) software, took a bold step today announcing a “results-based” pricing model to showcase the power of its InTime™ design optimization tool and skill of its services group.

“We’re so confident that InTime will greatly improve every design’s timing that we’re setting pricing based on results,” says Harnhua Ng, Plunify’s chief executive officer. “If we don’t get the desired result, it’s completely free.”

The simple pricing model makes it easy for project teams to attain better timing results at zero risk. Upon qualification for “results-based” pricing with a signed services contract, a project team will deliver securely a copy of the design to Plunify for rapid development of timing optimization strategies.

Plunify’s services group will work on the design using InTime to rapidly generate optimized strategies. InTime uses statistical modeling and machine learning to draw insights from the data and improve quality of results (QoR). It has the ability to accumulate knowledge that can be applied to subsequent designs, or re-applied to the same design after it has been modified.

Pricing will differ depending on deadlines and results. A good result is either “zero” timing errors or an acceptably high improvement on existing results agreed upon beforehand. The project team will pay the full price if Plunify gets the desired results. If Plunify doesn’t get to “zero” timing errors, the project team will be charged prorated amounts on degrees of improvements — for example, 30% of the fee for a 30% timing improvement.

Under the contract, the project team can make up to three register transfer level (RTL) code changes during the service term, depending on the deadline.

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“Got FPGA Timing Closure Problems?” Webinar

Plunify will host the “Got FPGA Timing Closure Problems?” webinar to showcase InTime’s ability to solve timing closure and explain the “Results-Based” pricing model Tuesday, March 10, at 10 a.m. P.S.T.

To register, go to:

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