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Plunify and Sigasi announce joint solution for rapid, effective hardware design


Department of Electrical Engineering at the National University of Singapore speeds up VHDL development with Cloud Compile™

Singapore, November 1, 2011Plunify Pte Ltd, a provider of cloud computing solutions for semiconductor chip design, and Sigasi nv, the premier supplier of intelligent tools for hardware design, announce a joint collaboration to enable Electrical Engineering students and researchers at the National University of Singapore greater ease of use and security in how they develop integrated circuits.

Previously, the only available means for running digital logic simulations was to spent hours first downloading and then installing a multi-gigabyte software package. This method was not only time-consuming and error-prone, but also required significant disk space, CPU and memory on the user’s computer. Furthermore, the code development software lacked features for efficient, optimized design entry.

Using the Sigasi VHDL editor containing powerful features like type-time compilation, hardware designers can now find bugs, add functionality to existing projects and enable design reuse in a clearer, more user-friendly manner that greatly improves productivity. Integrated with the Plunify Cloud Compileremote simulation and compilation platform, designers can then proceed seamlessly to test their designs. 128-bit AES encryption with asymmetric key pairs and SSL transmission technology ensure user data confidentiality. Especially at times of peak demand for design software and IT resources, designers can now securely offload simulation tasks to a dedicated data center, resulting in faster development cycles.

“This solution provided by Sigasi and Plunify greatly simplifies the VHDL development process for our students and researchers,” said Dr. Akash Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore.

“Plunify’s cloud computing features complements Sigasi’s platform well and makes it very easy for hardware designers to get started with their designs,” said Philippe Faes, CEO of Sigasi. “We are thrilled to provide this joint solution to the National University of Singapore.”

“With Sigasi’s unique code analysis and type-time error reporting, working together with Plunify’s secure and easy-to-use cloud simulation features, hardware developers get a much better design entry and simulation experience,” said Harnhua Ng, Director of Engineering at Plunify.

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Sigasi is a provides an intelligent editor for hardware design. The break-through feature of Sigasi’s editor is type-time compile, with immediate feedback. Sigasi’s products enable project-based editing. The editor is aware of all of the design files in the project, supporting features such as cross-file navigation, smart content assist and semantic highlighting. Learn more at

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