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Plunify demonstrates cloud-based fpga timing closure, presents considerations for cloud computing in fpga design


FPGAAccel™ Cloud Closure unveiled at Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association cloud computing event

Singapore, October 21, 2011 – Accelerating critical CPU- and memory-intensive FPGA design tasks,Plunify Pte Ltd demonstrated a cloud-based FPGA timing closure solution for Altera Corporation’s Quartus® II software, and presented a framework for a cloud-based FPGA Design platform based onAmazon Web Services’s cloud computing infrastructure, at the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association “Accelerating Time-to-Market with Cloud Computing” seminar and panel discussion on Oct 14th, 2011. This was the first time that FPGA designers were able to run multiple synthesis and place-and-route iterations in parallel to meet clock frequency targets.

Having components for FPGA design like IP, software tools, licenses and servers in a scalable, secure and easy-to-use data center can enable engineers to significantly accelerate FPGA design. Through 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, asymmetric key pair authentication and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission techniques, Plunify ensures data security at levels comparable to that offered by semiconductor foundries. Delivered via a desktop plugin for Quartus® II, Plunify’s FPGAAccelsolution integrates seamlessly with existing FPGA workflows. The Cloud Closure feature calculates relevant timing parameters before distributing synthesis and place-and-route tasks across multiple server machines in a managed cloud computing network.

“FPGAAccel is optimized for design teams to securely offload intensive design tasks to a managed cloud without disrupting existing workflows,” said Harnhua Ng, Director of Engineering at Plunify. “By integrating Plunify’s timing closure algorithms with Quartus, we are thrilled to help Altera customers significantly speed up their workflows.”

“I hope that Plunify will continue to lead the cloud effort in FPGA and EDA, bringing the associated benefits to the entire industry,” remarked Meenu Sarin, Director of VLSI Consultancy.

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