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Plunify provides a cloud computing application platform for semiconductor chip design. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Singapore, Plunify is seed-funded by Spring Singapore. Currently, we have users from more than 30 countries and 200 different organizations, and maintains operations in Singapore, China and in the U.S.

Our mission is to develop a robust, scalable computing platform together with our tool and IP vendor partners to revolutionize the IC design industry.

What we stand for
Plunify: "PLatform unify" links infinite compute resources with software tools, IP and target devices together so that FPGA engineers can bring exciting products to life as quickly as possible.

Many nagging details slow down a design workflow, for example, insufficient compute resources, maintenance of legacy tool versions and lack of flow automation. Often, engineers have to download and install huge software suites in order to compile their designs.

More importantly, design is often done in a serial, repetitive fashion of "Modify source code -> Build -> Debug -> Repeat." We asked ourselves, how can we make it easier for engineers to run 10s, even 100s of compilations in parallel so that they can attempt multiple solutions, explore different optimizations and get answers all at the same time?

The solution that we built and are constantly improving is a software platform that design engineers can use to augment their current compilation and analysis capabilities.

Cloud computing was the most efficient way for us to build this platform efficiently, and we want to transfer its benefits to our users -- the engineers. With our platform and APIs, engineers can now scale compute resources on-demand, especially during peak or crunch periods of usage. During crunch periods, engineers can easily access flexible and scalable resources to better meet their demands. "I need 100 more servers to get results ready for next week's tapeout", "If only we can run 50 more builds to get to timing closure faster..." are real needs that can now be met.

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