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The recent convergence of technologies, Big Data analytics and Cloud Computing, brings new opportunities to develop new platforms and products for verticals. Plunify is an early mover with a focus on the semiconductor chip design industry, specifically on the FPGA design flow.

Our early products include EDAxtend platform, which is a cloud platform specifically designed for chip design flows and the offloading of compute intensive builds. Using both data analytics and the cloud, we created new capabilities for FPGA design, with InTime being an example of such a product. InTime is an expert software that solves FPGA design problems using machine learning and analytics. At the engineering level, InTime delivers better results and enables higher productivity. At the company level, it enables chip design companies to significantly accelerate product Time-To-Market and reduce development costs.

This is the first time that machine learning has been applied to chip design. Crucial to our approach is the ability to learn from previous results in order to provide better solutions for subsequent builds. Plunify’s technology further enables the following:
- Spawn multiple builds in parallel to speed up data generation and learning
- Intelligent adjustments of parameters helpful towards achieving design goals
- Dynamic scaling of compute resources, enabling private datacenter and the public cloud use


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