Kabuto (Beta)

Kabuto is an expert software that helps RTL designers analyze timing problems and improve design performance. It zeros in on performance – critical RTL code segments, diagnosing specific problems with our unique pattern recognition engine and offers recommendations on how to change the RTL. 

Automatic recognition of RTL issues

Kabuto analyzes the timing reports of a compiled design and focuses on the critical paths. It can automatically figure out what the problems with each particular code segment are.

Intelligent recommendations & RTL fixes

Kabuto will provide the necessary code fix recommendations. Designer can accept, reject or modify Kabuto’s smart code suggestions to solve problems while retaining full control over your RTL.

Highly customizable recognition engine

Customize Kabuto to detect not only timing issues but other important performance variables too. Import and apply RTL guidelines unique to your organization or domain to improve overall design quality. 

Works with major FPGA vendors

Kabuto works with the major FPGA tools in the market, including Quartus Prime and Vivado. The reports from these FPGA tools are analyzed and critical code are identified. Plunify is a partner of Xilinx and Intel.

More details

For more information, please download the datasheet.

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